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Desserts Made Upon Request

Fresh Baked Desserts & More!

Schoko Dips

A delightful double layered cookie filled with a nougat creme. It has a hint of creme cheese and is dipped in delectable chocolate.


Indulge yourself to the mouth-watering taste of rich chocolate, separated with layers of imported waters. A perfect treat for the chocolate lover.


A delicious butter cookie cut out in different shapes & sizes, decorated with multi-color sprinkles.

Streusel Delight

This 13"x9" delectable pound cake/cheese mixture is filled with different fruits, topped with crisp streusels. Fruit options are apple, peach, cherry, mandarin orange and plums (when in season).

12-16 servings. Also available in 4"x4" individual sizes

Schoko Creme Torte

(White Chocolate Cream Torte)

This cake is all about chocolate. Between the chocolate layers is a smooth white chocolate cream filling, topped with a semi-sweet chocolate frosting.


A 10" round yellow cake filled with a rich vanilla cream, topped with almond.

Vanilla Horns

This bite-size cookie has a vanilla flavor, sprinkled with chocolate. It's scrumptious, you have to try it.


These tasty cookies come in an assortment of shapes filled with various flavors of jelly and coated with powder sugar.

Banana Mandel Wellen

(Banana Almond Waves)

This cookie is made with almonds and has a banana flavor, coated partially with chocolate and diced almonds.

Donau Welle

(River Cake)

This delightful vanilla/chocolate cake has a mixture of cherries and topped with a butter cream and a chocolate frosting. Serves 12.

Yoghurt Tarts

THis refreshing tart is made with a yoghurt cream and topped with fruit and a clear glaze. Four 3" tarts in one order. Can be made with sugar substitute for diabetics.


Try our homemade kolacky, just like mom used to make. It comes in various flavors such as pineapple, raspberry, cherry, apricot and poppy seed. Order an assortment or pick the flavor you like.


This mouth-watering cookie is something for the nut lover, available plain or partially coated with semi sweet chocolate.


This deledtable cake comes ina  half pan or ten 9 oz. cups layered with coffee flavored ladyfingers and a mascarpone cream. 10-15 servings.

Mandarinen Torte

(Mandarin Orange)

This elegant citrus torte consists of mandarin oranges and a silky cheese cream fillings. 12 Servings

Cheese Cake

A delicious 10" New York style cheese cake, made with a rich creamy fillings. Serves 12